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Scenario Shenanigans: The Series ” Get With The Changing Times”


One of the many things we deal with as scenario players are the changing times as technology evolves. We’ve recently approached a scenario game producer to inquire about alternatives to Nerf rockets – as they are pricey and we find them to be pretty inconsistent – and we always get the same answer “No”. Can anyone tell me the difference between a foam stress ball and a foam Nerf rocket? Because I really can’t see a difference. But a group of whiny bitches surely can and I’m over it. I’m told the stress balls are unsafe, so show me the difference between the stress balls and a nerf rocket. They both seem to be made of the same material and the stress ball seems to be softer. Am I wrong?

Now where this comes into play is, one of my previous posts in regards to rocket launchers and their projectiles they shoot. How can using a stress ball be any different than being shot with a first strike round?  Do they hurt anymore if you do get hit? The purpose of a rocket launcher is to take out a structure or active tank on the field. The intent is to never shoot a player with them so where do they become “unsafe”? Who deemed them unsafe? And how? Have there been studies done and if so where are these studies published? I’m finding it pretty suspect that “studies” have been mentioned when turning down alternatives to Nerf rockets but I can never seem to find any of them anywhere. Maybe I’m not looking in the right sport or do they even exist?

I’m curious as to what safety standards scenario promoters reference for tanks. How can allowing a full blown vehicle that used to be on the road and well capable of going well over sixty miles per hour be safe? I know of one tank that has not only caught fire but almost run someone over and yet it’s still allowed to be on the field.  How is allowing a 3000-pound vehicle on the field that you know is unsafe okay? I’m not calling out the team or producer but you know who you are and shame on you. Shame on you un-named scenario producer for allowing your “better judgement” to be swayed by peer pressure from a team. Shame on you for allowing the safety of all those who pay to come play and have a good time to be jeopardized. Shame on the team that continuously puts the safety of others in the back of their minds to be the big bad guys on the field.  They definitely know who they are because they are ones constantly getting their way and still bitching after losing because they are getting out-played.

I’ve found it interesting that some scenario game producers reference rules or regulations that haven’t been updated since at least 2007. How about getting with the times and updating them? After all, its 2016 for Christ’s sake. While surfing the web I have found at least one person deciding to move into the new era and updating what seems to be an antiquated set of rules, so kudos to you Billy Smith from Low Country Paintball for taking into consideration that time has moved on and these rules needed to be updated for their games.

What do the players think of the current rules? Anyone know of any others stepping into the 21st century and making theirs rules reflect the current times? What rules drive you crazy and wish they would change?