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Lights, Camera…… Action

For about a year now I’ve been going back and forth if I wanted to buy one of the R7 1080p cameras to mount on my gun. Well I finally gave in and bought one and I’m anxiously awaiting the day I get to use it. The big part of the equation was where do I buy it from. The prices are the same for them wherever you go so I decided to order mine thru Rockstar Tactical Systems in Pennsylvania. I’ve been a customer of Rockstar Tactical Systems for years and I’ve never had an issue with customer service at all so this made my choice easier. Be on the lookout for a future post reviewing the R7 as well as video footage from the actual camera.


Have you ever thought about capturing your favorite moments on video? Which systems have you looked at?

First paintball purchases

Several years ago when I first got into paintball my first gun I got was a Tippmann A5. I bought the Tippmann because of the style of play, price and the ton of options to customize it that were available at the time. With that being said the tough part was deciding on how I wanted the gun to look and perform. After searching for several weeks I finally found what I wanted to achieve but the next part of the puzzle was where to buy it from. We have a few shops here locally but none seemed to have what I was looking for so I searched the web where I stumbled across Rockstar Tactical Systems in Pennsylvania.


Rather than ordering from the web I chose to call because I was new to paintball and had a ton of questions. When I called I spoke with Dan and I do remember telling him I had a ton of questions. With that in mind he took the time to answer all my questions and I never felt pressured to buy anything that day, and I did not. The answers to all my questions had been answered but left me with the one question he couldn’t answer as only I could choose what I wanted to buy first. Taking several days to narrow down what I wanted was tough, but I finally had my list. So when I called back again I was surprised to have Dan answer and he had remembered our conversation and I promptly placed my order. I remember at the end he told me I should receive the order in 3 days. I wasn’t sure what to think about the 3 days as in the past from other places, it took 5 to 7 days minimum. I was pleasantly surprised when I got home on day 3 to my package sitting there waiting for me. Then came the fun part, I got to tear my perfectly working gun apart to throw all my new toys on it. Over the years I continue to purchase from Rockstar Tactical Systems as they stand behind the products they sell and are always there to answer questions. So for anyone looking to purchase paintball items or for those who just have questions I’d definitely recommend Rockstar Tactical Systems.


What do you look for when purchasing paintball parts?  Where did you buy your first parts from?