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Paintball Question Series….. Does Paintball Hurt?


Since I’ve been playing paintball I’ve received a ton of questions about the sport so today I’ve decided to take this time to answer the most asked question of them all. My most commonly asked question is “Does it hurt when you get shot”? While this answer will depend on who you ask I’d have to say not for me personally. In all the years I’ve played and all the shots I’ve seen here are some of the worst shots ever. Now keep in mind most of these shots have come from tournaments or scenario games and the typical weekend games yield far less than these but you may receive a bruise or welt from a weekend of play.




For me to date the worst was a bruise I had pop up a few weeks after playing. During one 2 man tournament I took a spill on the field and landed on a barrel cleaner that I had in my pocket. While this hurt initially the bruising didn’t appear until 2 weeks after the event and the pic below will show what it looked like.



Only you can decide for yourself if it truly hurts, but I’d compare it to the equivalent of being snapped with a rubber band. Yes it can potentially leave bruising but like all wounds time will heal them.




Have you ever been tempted to try paintball? Are there any questions you’ve wanted to ask about paintball?