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My Rookie Mistakes

Well this weekend for me seemed to be challenging as I’ve found myself making those pesky “Rookie” mistakes once again. My first mistake of the day was sticking my head out way too far. I thought I was past this one but apparently not as I took one in the head. This was a lesson taught to me as I played for the first time; however it seems to pop up from time to time.

My second mistake is having a tendency to always want to drop my gun barrel down. This very important because in the seconds it takes to raise your barrel back up, you could have been shot 3 times by someone who kept theirs up. Once again, I found this out the hard way.

My last mistake, and this one I’m still struggling with, is my inability to shoot left handed. This is one I’ve been struggling with for awhile as I’m dominantly right handed so the brain is fighting me over this. I’ve been told over time I’ll learn to adjust but for now my brain is winning. This was a costly mistake and one that I knew better. It did cost me a few games as when I went to shoot from the left side, my brain refused to let me shoot left handed, so I found most of my body exposed and immediately took a shot to the mask…… Thanks Chris (LOL).

We all make “Rookie” mistakes from time to time but the key is remembering and correcting them. In the heat of battle sometimes the brain fights us, but you can overcome this with repetition. This is why the Pro’s spend some much time doing drills!



Rachel Neck