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Restoring my Faith

It’s no secret that as of late my faith in people has been in question. Well yesterday changed that one tiny bit. I happen to be working out in the garage and noticed a man walking by with a shopping cart and a sweater and blanket over him. Now I have heard people in the past complain and say things like “He’s lowering my property value” or “I wonder what will end up missing tonight” but what I’m thinking is “I wonder that happened”. Wondering what circumstances caused him to lose everything (except for what he has in his shopping cart which he now calls home). Over the past few months I’ve seen him, whether it’s been on walks with my wife at the park or just passing by the house. Every time I just sit there and wonder where he’ll sleep that night. Well yesterday I witnessed something that is slowly restoring my faith in people in general. Some random car passing by stopped in my neighbor’s driveway and proceeded to chase this homeless guy down the street. The first thing through my mind was “Great I wonder what they are going to accuse him of?” After finally catching up to him she taps him on the shoulder, startled by the touch he jumps but turns around. She proceeds to hand him a couple of dollars. They look at each other, exchange smiles and then proceed to go their separate ways. In my entire time of passing this man I don’t believe I had ever seen him smile, but yesterday I did for the first time. After seeing that I won’t lie I actually shed a tear and did so again when I shared the story with my wife. It’s hard to imagine that one random act of kindness can change someone, but it can and will.

What’s the most random thing you’ve done for a stranger? What would you want for someone to do for you if you were in their shoes?