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Fitness Failure

Well, I jumped on the scale and saw numbers I had never seen in my entire life (which was not a good thing). The scale topped out at 244.6, but when I first stepped on it errored out. Not what I wanted to see, but I’m not really surprised given the lack of exercise and my crappy eating habits. This, as I sit here eating Reese’s pieces peanut butter cookies and write this blog. Those who know me will agree I have one hell of a sweet tooth and once it kicks in I find it hard to control. Throw in anything peanut butter and I’m done for.


Speaking with the wife, I’ve decided to put down the treats and try to start a healthier lifestyle. I’ll be visiting the gym soon, a place I haven’t seen in over a year. Anytime Fitness is my gym of choice, I love the fact that I can go anytime I get the urge and not worry about it being closed. They also have been offering group classes and boot camps, which I totally should be taking advantage of but I haven’t. Even after acknowledging my need for fitness and obvious signs, I’ve seen I still can’t find the motivation to go.


At what point do I give in and go? How do I gain back my motivation? Will working out with the wife prove to be the motivation I need? I guess only time will tell.

Finally Got Off My Lazy Ass


Well it’s been years in the making, but I finally got off my lazy ass and built our team page. Its been about three years since I purchased the domain Wreckingcrewe.com and set out to build it, but something made me hold off. Maybe there was a part of me that wanted to be sure we’d last , but I truly feel as if it was sheer laziness. With every day that went by, it was always “tomorrow” or ” I’ll get to it later” only to find that time never came.

With the team starting to get recognition from other teams (both good and bad), we needed a presence on the web. Something to solidify our spot in the scenario world and make sure we continue to be active to help our team grow (on and off the field). Stay tuned and watch our site grow and our followers exceed what we would have never anticipated.