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Back to the Basics: Week # 4 wrap up

Well week # 4 is a wrap and all I have to say is the results aren’t surprising in the least bit. Earlier in the week I got sick and I’ve been recovering ever since. Needless to say, my workouts have halted since I’ve felt like a train has run over me.


Not much to report here as the week started off strong but when I got sick all exercise seemed to stop and I can tell in my results. I’ve been slowly getting better but it’s taking time as I’m too stubborn to rest and get better. I have used the downtime to create a pretty aggressive workout which I’m hoping will take the scale back in the other direction it should be going.



For any who know me it would come as no surprise that the diet suffered as well. I guess mentally I just caved and that was it, the diet went out the window and comfort food made its way in. I’ve vowed to get back into the swing of things and kick this diet’s butt!!!




As far as this week’s results I’m sad to say that even with being sick I was up 0.6lbs. When you think about it that’s not really a lot, however it’s still a gain. I could very easily sit here and make excuses but it wouldn’t change the fact that I had a bad week. The key for me will be to get well, turn the diet back around to where it needs to be as well as getting the exercise back into it.


What causes your moments of weakness when you go off of your diet? How does it make you feel? How do you recover?