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Crazy Crazy Saturday

Well, it’s another day and another post, but I’ve been missing the field. Looking at the calendar, I haven’t been able to hit the field a single time in 2016.  I did  make it out to play at one of the local fields , but we got rained out. If everything goes right, I’ll be able to play in the next couple weeks, but time will tell. Between my work schedule and a few extra remotes I have going on, coordinating can be a bit tricky. I may be able to combine work and play as the one weekend show Trophy Taker Outdoors is planning a morning outing to Off The Wall Adventures in Lakeland. They will do their morning broadcast followed by hopefully some paintball so I’m excited. My next stop on my tour of the town lead me to Right Trailers in Lakeland to do a bit of browsing and see if I can track down the particular trailer I’m looking for. Then we topped off the evening at Big Storm’s Pinellas tap room for their Saturday evening show one 102.5 The Bone. All in all it was a productive and exhausting day but I’m excited for what the future will hold for my ventures.