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The countdown has begun

As some of you may know my choice of sport is paintball (as if the name itself didn’t give it away). So I believe it was in August I wrote about PSP World Cup of Paintball 2012 coming at the end of October and my countdown has officially begun. I believe this year they estimate there will be about 250 teams from all over the world coming to compete. What does this mean for me? Four days of pro games as well as amateurs, vendors bringing all kinds of product to sell (as well as give away), and the opportunities to meet with several vendors and some of my favorite players I normally wouldn’t have access to.


Vendors from all over will be there displaying all their new products as well as some of their more popular items for people to purchase. Last year I personally got to spend time with Empire, Dye, Ninja and several other companies looking over some amazing products for the New Year. This is also a good time for those who have gear to sell bring it. I mean where else will you have thousands of captive buyers at your disposal. One man’s junk is another’s treasure I’ve always been told and that’s where I picked up one of my guns, which I got a really good deal on.

The games generally go Friday thru Sunday, but they added Thursday this year so we’ll get an extra day of the pros battling it out. In years past I’ve only gone on Saturday and Sunday but I’ve taken almost the entire week off of work. This year I’ll be attending Thursday thru Sunday.

Probably one of the best parts of it all is making new friends and meeting those who share a common interest. Last year we got to meet players as well as fans from several other countries. We all shared good times in the stands watching the pro teams and also shared a little friendly rivalry in the stands while routing for our favorite players/teams.

For who are interested in finding out more about PSP World Cup of Paintball 2012 I’d urge you to go check out their main site here or check out their Facebook page here. The site will give you all the information on where it’s located as well as any events they will be hosting during that time.

What event of the year do you look forward to and why?

Are you ready for some paintball?

For those of you who are into paintball the countdown to PSP World Cup of Paintball 2012 has begun. The time when teams from all around the world come to compete for that first place win. The dates this year are October 25th – 28th at Fantasy of Flight in Auberndale, Florida.  PSP World Cup of Paintball 2011 was my first time experiencing this and I must say I’ve been waiting all year to get the chance to go back. The things I most look forward to are checking out the vendors and what deals they have to offer, seeing what used gear is floating around (there’s always a good deal to be found at Cup), as well as watching my favorite amateur and pro teams play. I’m most looking forward to watching Tampa Bay Damage play. I always get to watch them on the webcast, but this particular event I get to go see them live and in full effect. While everyone you talk to have their own memories of World Cup, the most memorable part of last years for me was being in the stands for that final game when Damage won it all. The excitement that ran through the stands compares to nothing I’ve ever experienced in my life. So once again I’m hopeful my fondest memory of PSP World Cup of Paintball 2012 will be watching Tampa Bay Damage take yet another win at World Cup.

What are some of your fondest memories from World Cup?

What part of World Cup do you look forward to this year?

The Chance of a lifetime

Well for anyone who knows me it’s pretty obvious one of the items on my bucket list is to play tournament paintball. At the age of 40, I fear the chances of that happening are slim to none, however a unique opportunity came my way. I was asked if I would like to join a team playing the “Masters” Division at World Cup this year. For anyone who’s not familiar with paintball I equate World Cup to the “Super Bowl” of paintball. Teams come from all around the world and compete for that chance to say they are “#1”. I’ll have to admit I’m excited, nervous and scared all at the same time. Excited because I finally have the chance to do something I’ve always wanted to do. Nervous because I feel as if I’m getting in way over my head. And I’m scared because I feel like I’m going to go out and make an ass out of myself. I haven’t quite committed to playing yet but I have to admit I’m about 90% there and growing closer every day. One of my biggest fears is “regret”…. Regretting the fact that if I pass this opportunity up, another one may not come my way. So I may just throw caution to the wind and take those words of advice that Jason Edwards once said “Do it Bro… No matter what it is! “and go for it. It’s funny how words of encouragement from others (even those who you’ve only met once) can give you just the right amount of push to take you on what could be the adventure of a lifetime. So as I sit here and ponder, I wonder what others would do in my position.

What would you do?