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12 years ago

On this day 12 years ago at 11:00 the wife and I stood before a minister and exchanged our vows before our family and friends. While the ceremony was smaller due to the events of 9/11 we still had a great time with those who made it. Twelve years later I still see the Best Man as we work together and see most of the Groomsman on a regular basis. One even went on to become the Mayor of Oldsmar recently.


Bridal Party

wedding 2wedding

Today we are celebrating 12 years as husband and wife. Thru good times and bad we’ve been there to support each other and continue to do so. So how do we plan on spending our anniversary you may ask? Well that’s where it gets a bit odd as we chose to start off our anniversary with an 8 mile run (The wife ran and I rode my bike), but still we did it together.


Bridge before

Bridge 2

After a long morning of exercising while most others are still sleeping we decided to splurge and stop at Dunkin Donuts for some Pumpkin munchkins (evil, addicting and awesome all at the same time). We next came home and got the boys for our traditional Starbucks run where got our usual drinks. As far as what the rest of the days holds who knows. I’m hoping for a nice lazy day with a good nap and maybe a bit of TV.



Later this evening it’ll be Kobe’s Japanese Steakhouse for our traditional dinner with a bit of yummy yummy sauce and some silly paper hats. I know some people may say it’s silly but we love that place so we go on special occasions. I know she’ll be reading this so Happy 12th Anniversary…. I love you so much and look forward to many more years.


Final Pic

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done for an anniversary? What would be the perfect way to spend your anniversary?

Playing Hooky From Work

Mark the date…. 03/19/2013 was the day I officially played hooky from work and spent the day at Universal Studios. Though this was technically a vacation day I chose to spend it at one of my favorite places , Universal Studios, in Orlando, Fl. The forecast called for 40% chance of rain, but there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the temperature was perfect. The day started around 7:30 am when the wife’s mom and aunt arrived at the house. They had no clue what was in store for them but we hopped in the car and stopped at our first destination which was Starbucks. After we all had our drinks we hopped in the car and headed towards the interstate, it was at that time they found out that we were going to spend the day at Universal. The wife and I hadn’t been there in a long time, but my mother-in-law’s sister hadn’t been there and was a Harry Potter fan so it was sure to be a fun time. Once we arrived we made our way to the front gates of Islands of Adventure, knowing she was a Harry Potter fan we went there first. To get there we went in reverse and started at Seuss Landing and worked our way back to Harry Potter. Once we left Harry Potter we went thru all the other areas and stopped at Blondies for a quick lunch. We then proceeded to walk thru the other parts of Islands of Adventure making our way to the front of the park to head towards Universal Studios.

Welcome Globe







hp 1

hp 2

hp 3


girls 1

girls 2

Once we made it thru the gates of Universal we proceeded to the broadcast area to make a quick stop in to see a friend and then we were off to E.T. The wife love E.T. so we rode that and then continued to walk the park, but couldn’t help but notice all the changes and construction that was happening in the background. Making our way back to Men In Black, we passed more construction, but the place was still full of life and families enjoying the day as far as one could see. Making our way past Men in Black we passed what appeared to be the home of an upcoming attraction Transformers 3D which I can’t wait until it’s done and I can go back. We rode Twister and then passed Shrek 4D and the Blue Man Group which I have yet to see, but everyone keeps telling me I need to and headed towards the front gate.


NY 1

NY 2

NY 3

NY 4





Once back in the car and heading home we decided to go to The Original Hooters in Clearwater for dinner and I was perfectly fine with that. What’s on the menu for dinner after a long day at the theme parks you ask? Well I had boneless chicken wings (classic BBQ), medium buffalo shrimp and fries, and of course I had to wash it down with ice cold Bud Light (as always it was a pitcher… or maybe 2). Oh, and who could forget that I always have to have a piece of peanut butter cup pie to take home with me. The place was pretty busy and service was awesome as usual, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from them and that’s why the wife and I choose to go there out of all the other locations. All in all it was a great day of hooky we played and everyone seemed to have fun. I’m sad it’s over and I’m back at work today but I feel another day coming on soon.

Where’s your favorite place to play hooky? How often do you get play or take time off?

Garrrr Steve

I took this from my one favorite movie “DodgeBall” as I felt it fit today’s blog. This past Sunday I ran the Gasparilla 8k with my wife. Many would ask why and the only reason I could come up with is “because I can”. The most I had ever run at one time was a 5k so this was a challenge to see how I’d hold up. I won’t lie but half way thru my shins felt like someone had smacked me with a sledge hammer.

The morning started off early enough, we were up at O dark thirty in order to try and beat the traffic. First thing my wife does when she gets there is goes to Starbucks but I chose to wait until after the race. We had a couple hours to kill so we sat around waiting for a few friends to show up, we then stretched and proceeded to the start line. The amount of people signed up was pretty ridiculous. There were people as far as you could see.

As usual my race started off strong but as my shins started to hurt my paced dropped off. My pace normally falls in the 11:00 minute mile, but today’s pace was about 2 minutes off. The worst of the 8k for me was mile 4 as I was just ready to cross that line and get food … I was starving. I managed to cross the finish line at 1:05:59 and the only thing I could honestly think about was food. The wife and I went to Starbucks so we could get drinks and decide what we wanted to have for lunch. We decided to have something “Freaky Fast” so we went to Jimmie Johns. What would I choose for lunch after an 8 you’d ask? Well I chose an Italian, a bag of thinny chips and powerade.


Mike and Nanci


photo 3

Pretty much the rest of the day is a blur as most of it was spent sleeping on the couch. If I had to do all over again I would, but I’d definitely want to change my pace time.

Have you ever done any races? If not have you ever thought of any and which one?

Breaking up is hard to do

Well after much deliberation and thought I’ve decided to call it quits. I’ve thought long and hard about it and there’s just no way around it. This weekend is officially the last weekend Starbucks and I will be together. I’ll make it a weekend treat from time to time, but the day of my regular visits are a thing of the past. It’s not the money, well maybe a little but more so what it doesn’t do for me. Weight loss and Starbucks go together like McDonalds and a Body Builder. So this weekend as I sit and relax while enjoying every last drink, I’ll also be thinking of how much money I’ll be saving and how much better I’ll be treating my body. A long conversation with someone who I feel has become a close friend after all the stories and laughs we’ve shared told me I need to find a way to curve the sweet tooth and kick my workout in the ass. So as of now it’ll just be a weekend treat.


What’s the hardest thing you’ve had to say goodbye to? Has it managed to make it way back into your life?

Lazy Sunday

One thing I never get to enjoy anymore is a lazy Sunday. You know the ones where you run around the house in your pajamas all day and never leave the house. That’s what I’ll be doing today – going to Starbucks with the boys followed by a nice home cooked breakfast by the wife while I read the Sunday paper. Then I’ll be moving over to the couch where there will be mass quantities of snuggling with the boys and watching TV. Maybe I’ll squeeze in a nap or two but who knows. It’s a lazy day and anything could happen so I’ll take what I can get. The only plans the wife and I have are going to my mom’s place for Christmas dinner. Yes that’s right I said Christmas dinner. It’s actually tradition to do Christmas Eve dinner at my mom’s house, but this year she went up North to be with her mom for Christmas so we postponed dinner. So instead of dinner at our place we’ll just have dinner at mom’s place and hopefully AVOID Coldstone as it’s too close to her place.



assed out

Do you ever get to have a lazy day? What’s your idea of the perfect lazy day?