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The Time is Near ….. PSP World Cup


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The time is near for PSP World Cup at Fantasy of Flight in Polk City, Florida. This time next week I’ll be swarming the vendors to see what free giveaways they have as well as getting to put my hands all over the latest merchandise in the world of paintball. I’ll also get to sit back and watch some of what I predict to be the best matches of the year. While I’m most excited to watch the Pro games I also have a few friends playing in some of the other divisions and I’ll get to watch as well.

I’m most excited about seeing what new products all the paintball vendors are bringing to the table. From what I’ve seen so far I wish I had won the lottery because I’ve seen quite a few new products I’d like to add to my gear bag. While I’m not quite sure where my first stop will be, I plan on at least hitting Dye, Empire, Ninja Paintball, Virtue, Valken as well as GI Sports to check out a few things on my “Christmas Wish list”. What… I’ve been good this year (for the most part).

I’ll also be dropping by Social Paintball to check out some new products as well. If all goes well I may even end up walking away with a new pair of “Grit” paintball pants. From what I’ve seen online I like them so far but I’m much more of a visual person so we shall see. Their booth is all packed with a lot of merchandise and I’ve never gotten out of there without finding something that I’ve been wanting.

Next on my list is a trip to see the guys from Trade My Gun. I met the guys a few years back and I’ve got to tell you they are definitely on my must see agenda. Every year I’ve gone to PSP World Cup I’ve always managed to work out a deal on some gun that I’ve always wanted as well as sell off a few that I rarely use. They guys are always funny and if you catch them at the right time make some really killer deals that you’d never believe.

One of my usual stops is at the Valken tent. I’m usually there to see Kelly and the gang plus check out any new gear as I look for that awesome deal I just can’t pass up. Ninja Paintball is also a must stop so I can check out the 2013 Breast Cancer Awareness tank which I may have to actually purchase this year. I’ve looked them in the years past and always seem to want one.

While I’ll obviously be rooting for Tampa Bay Damage to win I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all the teams that have traveled from both near and far safe travels and the best of luck. Just the fact that you’re there to be a part of one of the biggest events in paintball should be a victory in itself. The win wouldn’t hurt that much either, but making new friends from all over the world. For those who can’t make it you can always follow my Twitter, Facebook, or even Instagram which I’ll include links to below. I’ll try to send out updates and new product pictures all day long, plus any other interesting things that I see happen at PSP World Cup.

Good Luck in Dallas

Anyone who follows my blog knows my team will always be “Tampa Bay Damage”. Well as I’m sitting here posting this blog they’re packing their gear and kissing their loved ones goodbye to board a plane and head to Forney, Texas for the official kick-off of their 2013 PSP season. Back in January all teams started grinding for the 2013 season and I’m hoping it’ll be one hell of a season. While I’ve only been keeping up on professional paintball for the past few years I’ve come to realize it takes a lot for these guys, both physically and mentally to do what they do and continue to do so. I’m sure if you asked any pro player why they do what they do and I‘d bet the answer would be simple “For the love of the game”. Several years ago I would have disagreed with that statement, but the more I play the more I can say it’s true for me. Sure you’ll find those few “Self Promoters” that try to ruin the good times for the others, but they never seem to. I’d like to wish my friends on Tampa Bay Damage the best of luck at the PSP Dallas Open this weekend and safe travels. As you’re taking point after point, closing that gap for 1st place, remember all those who can’t physically be there with you, but are always there cheering for you wherever they may be.





Artwork provided by Trevis Meseroll of Trevis Meseroll Designs

The countdown has begun

As some of you may know my choice of sport is paintball (as if the name itself didn’t give it away). So I believe it was in August I wrote about PSP World Cup of Paintball 2012 coming at the end of October and my countdown has officially begun. I believe this year they estimate there will be about 250 teams from all over the world coming to compete. What does this mean for me? Four days of pro games as well as amateurs, vendors bringing all kinds of product to sell (as well as give away), and the opportunities to meet with several vendors and some of my favorite players I normally wouldn’t have access to.


Vendors from all over will be there displaying all their new products as well as some of their more popular items for people to purchase. Last year I personally got to spend time with Empire, Dye, Ninja and several other companies looking over some amazing products for the New Year. This is also a good time for those who have gear to sell bring it. I mean where else will you have thousands of captive buyers at your disposal. One man’s junk is another’s treasure I’ve always been told and that’s where I picked up one of my guns, which I got a really good deal on.

The games generally go Friday thru Sunday, but they added Thursday this year so we’ll get an extra day of the pros battling it out. In years past I’ve only gone on Saturday and Sunday but I’ve taken almost the entire week off of work. This year I’ll be attending Thursday thru Sunday.

Probably one of the best parts of it all is making new friends and meeting those who share a common interest. Last year we got to meet players as well as fans from several other countries. We all shared good times in the stands watching the pro teams and also shared a little friendly rivalry in the stands while routing for our favorite players/teams.

For who are interested in finding out more about PSP World Cup of Paintball 2012 I’d urge you to go check out their main site here or check out their Facebook page here. The site will give you all the information on where it’s located as well as any events they will be hosting during that time.

What event of the year do you look forward to and why?

The Chance of a lifetime

Well for anyone who knows me it’s pretty obvious one of the items on my bucket list is to play tournament paintball. At the age of 40, I fear the chances of that happening are slim to none, however a unique opportunity came my way. I was asked if I would like to join a team playing the “Masters” Division at World Cup this year. For anyone who’s not familiar with paintball I equate World Cup to the “Super Bowl” of paintball. Teams come from all around the world and compete for that chance to say they are “#1”. I’ll have to admit I’m excited, nervous and scared all at the same time. Excited because I finally have the chance to do something I’ve always wanted to do. Nervous because I feel as if I’m getting in way over my head. And I’m scared because I feel like I’m going to go out and make an ass out of myself. I haven’t quite committed to playing yet but I have to admit I’m about 90% there and growing closer every day. One of my biggest fears is “regret”…. Regretting the fact that if I pass this opportunity up, another one may not come my way. So I may just throw caution to the wind and take those words of advice that Jason Edwards once said “Do it Bro… No matter what it is! “and go for it. It’s funny how words of encouragement from others (even those who you’ve only met once) can give you just the right amount of push to take you on what could be the adventure of a lifetime. So as I sit here and ponder, I wonder what others would do in my position.

What would you do?


Speedball vs Woodsball

One of the hardest things you’ll ever have to do in paintball is figure out what style of play you’ll want to do. One thing you’ll need to ask yourself is “What type of paintball do you like to play”? There’s speedball (or air ball) which is common to those who like a fast paced game of 5 to 7 people per team. The games generally last a few minutes and are generally very intense. Fields are generally made up of specially made bunkers and usually emulate some of the more current PSP or other tournament configurations.

NT 11

Speedball Field


For those who like a slower game where you can use special tactics and more methodical moves, there is woodsball. The woodsball fields are generally larger in size and usually boast many more bunkers and man-made obstacles. Games are generally longer and there are many variations of play that can be done on those fields (Attack and defend, Capture the flag, last man standing and many more depending on the fields and their props). After playing many years I’m still torn between both styles. I love playing woodsball, but find myself addicted to the fast paced speedball games as well. What style of play do you find yourself playing and why?


Woodsball Field