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First cheat day of 2013

Well the diet is off to a great start and for the most part I’m doing well. I still haven’t been able to remove Starbucks from my life completely, but I’m making up for that in other ways. Didn’t get to run today at all as the rain spoiled that, maybe this weekend I’ll get back on track and break in my new Christmas gift Nanci bought me. With that being said, I declare Friday Dec 4th as my first official cheat day in 2013. Thinking long and hard about this I’ve decided Red Lobster is the winner of my first annual cheat day of the New Year. What’s on the menu you may ask? Well I’m starting with fresh cheddar biscuits, followed by a garden salad with French dressing and then the main course will be shrimp. Red Lobster has a 30 shrimp special for $11.99 which is too good of a deal to pass up. I have a feeling the hardest choice I’ll have to make is what type of shrimp. For those who know me shrimp is one of my favorite meals, especially when the wife decides to surprise me with steak and shrimp which is a surprise I just love hearing about. I will say that I’ll be skipping dessert as if I feed the sweet tooth I’ll be screwed and the diet will suffer. Cheat days are important to help maintain your diet and keep the body and mind from craving bad items on a daily basis.

When’s you first cheat day of 2013? Where will you go and what will you have?

Back to the Basics: Week # 5 wrap up

Week # 5 is in the books and it was definitely good and I consider it to be a success. The diet is back on track and I got a bit of exercise in but still not feeling 100% from being sick. Overall even if I wasn’t sick I’d still be happy with the results.


I was able to get back to doing my morning walks (I got in 2 this week and it’s generally 5). Although they were not the full 5k’s I normally do, something is better than nothing. I also got to play some paintball this weekend which is excellent cardio as the fields are spread out over 27 acres. I’m still tweaking my workout and think I found the perfect setup. I’m on vacation from work this week so I hope to implement this while I’m off to develop a routine.



The diet is definitely back in effect and I feel as if I’ve done well. The wife and I had “Date Night” this past Saturday so that was my one reward meal for the week. I chose to not refer to it as a cheat meal because it’s actually not cheating. When asked where I wanted to go without even thinking about it I said Red Lobster. Red Lobster is finishing up their all you can eat shrimp (which is what I had). The wife had Tilapia with roasted vegetables and for dessert we split a piece of chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream. The food was great and service was probably the best we’ve ever had (not that we’ve ever had bad service there).




With week #5 wrapping up I’m happy to report that I maintained. I would have loved to report a loss and if I had been at 100% I feel I would have. In the world of dieting maintaining is definitely a good thing. After all nobody wants to diet forever but it’s all about finding what works for you. That perfect balance between eating and exercise for you. After all everyone’s bodies are different and respond differently to exercise and diet.


What are your best diet results you’ve ever had? What’s your favorite “Reward Meal?”