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Sportsmanship is something few people forget, but you always seem to run into one or two that like to push the envelope. I’m a firm believer in “Playing by the Rules” as that was the way I was brought up. In my many years I’ve had my fair share of moments where individuals decide they are “Above the Rules” or like to test the limits. The one thing I always like to remind them is sportsmanship is a two way street and what I deem as a mutual respect as well. If you don’t respect your opponents it’s easy to be drug down to a level where “dirty play” can be thrown in but usually ends with bad results. The bad results either being someone getting hurt (whether it is minor or major) or a win as a result of those actions. One thing is for sure, not matter what sport you participate this will happen. For those who push the envelope of sportsmanship I have one word that applies to them and that would be “Karma”. I’m a firm believer in Karma and what goes around comes around. You never know where or when, but one thing is for sure it will come back and get you. So the one thing I ask is when playing any type of sport or competitive activities remember to be the bigger man and a good sportsman. The bad sportsman may have the immediate satisfaction of a win, but Karma will pretty much make them wish they hadn’t won.

What’s the worst display of sportsmanship you’ve ever witnessed or had happen to you? How did respond or recover from it?