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Lazy Sunday

One thing I never get to enjoy anymore is a lazy Sunday. You know the ones where you run around the house in your pajamas all day and never leave the house. That’s what I’ll be doing today – going to Starbucks with the boys followed by a nice home cooked breakfast by the wife while I read the Sunday paper. Then I’ll be moving over to the couch where there will be mass quantities of snuggling with the boys and watching TV. Maybe I’ll squeeze in a nap or two but who knows. It’s a lazy day and anything could happen so I’ll take what I can get. The only plans the wife and I have are going to my mom’s place for Christmas dinner. Yes that’s right I said Christmas dinner. It’s actually tradition to do Christmas Eve dinner at my mom’s house, but this year she went up North to be with her mom for Christmas so we postponed dinner. So instead of dinner at our place we’ll just have dinner at mom’s place and hopefully AVOID Coldstone as it’s too close to her place.



assed out

Do you ever get to have a lazy day? What’s your idea of the perfect lazy day?

New Year….. New Rules

With 2013 starting off on a positive note I’ve decided it’s time for some changes in my life. No longer will I allow others to dictate how I spend my time and I’ve decided to allow for more “me” time. This year will be filled with the things I love such as paintball, theme parks and plenty of fun times with friends. Last year I allowed my life to be dictated by others and this made for some pretty miserable times. With that being said I’m holding myself personally accountable for the following.


This year I’ll work on trying to deal with family in a better way. I’m fine with most of my immediate family; however there are a few that the relationship is strained between. I’ll do my part to try and rectify things, but it’s a two way street and I’m not going to put in 100% of the effort.

family 2


2013 is the year of paintball for this guy and I’m committing to do at least three different scenario games. Whether they are at our local field, South Florida or even Georgia they are on my radar and I will pick at least 3. I missed out last year on a few events that I wished I had done, but time just didn’t allow for it. This year I won’t allow that to be a factor. I’ve made some good friends thru the sport and look forward to expanding and making even more friends who share this common interest in 2013.



This year I’m committing myself to a fit life. No longer will I be a slave to the sweets and allow them to affect me physically or emotionally. This is important to me as it will help me pursue my paintball aspirations. I know last year I said I wanted to play at least one tournament and I think this will be my year to do so. In 2013 I’ll be devoting more time to a sport I truly love and fully support. For those I know who play as well I wish you the best of luck in your upcoming season.



I’m holding myself personally accountable for at least one fun day every two months. This could be a simple as a quiet day at the beach with my wife or visiting our favorite Theme park (Universal Studios) for some fun filled rides and excitement. Either way it’ll be about taking time away from work to spend with the wife, something we are both equally guilty of doing.


Sleepy Blue


With the year kicking into full gear already we’d like to spend more time doing charity work. This could literally be anything from helping out at Habitat for Humanity or even helping out with Toys for Tots. We’ll also be collecting bikes again for Jingle Bikes for Kids again. I was genuinely surprised at how few bikes they had to give out this past year.


What changes have you vowed to make in your life for 2013? How do you plan to accomplish them?

The end is near

No I’m not referring to the Zombie Apocalypse, but the end of my vacation. I’ve been off the entire week and it’s taken me all of that to catch up on chores that have piled up over the past few months. I fixed a few things around the house, ran errands and even started to clean the garage. The one thing I did not catch up on is sleep. It’s funny how your body can get used to a schedule and not be able to adjust. I’m usually up between 5:00am and 6:00am for work during the week and my vacation apparently wasn’t any different. While everything was business as usual (as far as holiday stuff) we did take the opportunity for an impromptu visit to The Seminole Hard Rock Casino on Friday for a bit of much needed fun. We played the slots and ate lunch at The Hard Rock Café which is something we hadn’t done in a while. The place was empty and you could hear bells everywhere (even on the machines Nanci and I played). We were up on the slots and kept playing and playing for what seemed like hours until we were back to what we took with us. You see what I consider to be a good day at the casino is coming home with what you took (or maybe a bit more) and playing for a while with their money. Saturday brought Nanci to the movies with some family and I never left the couch (well maybe for a few but I decided to just relax, watch some TV and turn off the brain for a bit). Later than night we ended up at Nanci’s brother’s house for some pulled pork, corn muffins, coleslaw and grilled corn. You see her brother is a master chef when it comes to cooking (I believe he inherited that from his mom). Hopefully today will allow Nanci and I to get the Christmas tree setup and spend the last little bit of time together with the boys before going warp speed back into that crazy thing we call work and life.

Hard Rock

Hard Rock 2

Hard Rock 3


Blue Elf

What do you normally consider a good vacation? Do you ever get any down time or is it as crazy as usual?