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Greeting Fellow Runners

Going out with the wife on her recent training runs has made me sit back and notice the different ways fellow runners greet one another. With the change of scenery today I was able to sit back and observe all the different styles and I found them to be quite interesting.

The first one I noticed was the traditional “Hello”. This seems to be the most common method of greeting from most of the runners I’ve encountered. Of course you may get some sort of variation of the word but you get the point.

Next on the list would be the “nod”. I’ve notice this one from some of the more “focused” runners. It’s merely a simple nod or acknowledgement of their fellow runners. The mere action of nodding is an acknowledgement of their fellow runner.

The funniest one of all though was the “grunt”. It’s merely a grunt type sound that you’ll use to acknowledge a fellow runner. I must admit in some cases it’s a funny as it sounds. I’ve seen the wife personally use this and I was like “what the heck was that”?

How do you greet your fellow runners while out running? How do you prefer to be greeted by other runners?