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Friends in Low Places

(**** Photo Credits all photos contained in this post are from Valken ****)

I have friends in low places as in Low Country Paintball in Ludowici, Georgia. After a few years of persistence from Jester Court Productions, I was finally able free up my schedule, pack up the trailer and make the trip to Low Country Paintball for a weekend of fun to check out the field. The game was “The Finale: Return of Krampus” and was the battle for Christmas. The best part of this weekend was the charity aspect. I mean, what better way to spend your weekend than on the paintball field shooting each other while helping raise toys for kids.


When asked what I love about paintball, I always answer with “exploring new fields and making new friends”. The key to growing the sport is making the trip to explore different fields and to make new friends.


We pulled in late Friday night, set-up camp right next to A-Train from Valken (who put together an amazing video recap), then started to walk around. We got in late so walking the field was out. We walked around to see what else was going on. Following the music, we finally arrived to the building where everyone was taking cover from the cooler temps. Walking thru the door we ran across Jami Hubbell, Mike Paxson, Damian Ryan and Rocky Cagnoni, amongst many other players there for one common cause… “To help save Christmas for as many families as we could”.


Waking up Saturday morning to 29 degree weather and a light frost on the ground is not what this Florida boy is used to but I did it for the kids. With that being said, I hightailed it to my truck to turn on the heat and warm up a bit before getting ready to go out on my morning rounds. We had the traditional “Rules of the Game” followed by the introduction of both Kringle and Krampus and we then scattered to go spend the last bit of time we had until we all entered the field.


Saturday on the field we met with several hurdles and a group of worthy opponents who provided more than enough resistance to make the game interesting and make the game fun. Nobody likes an easy win but also nobody likes a cheater either. Saturday brought us a give and take with it seeming like Kringle wasn’t getting anywhere and that’s pretty much the truth. Krampus brought it to Kringle, and he brought it hard as we could tell based on our field position. Now don’t get me wrong I’m pleased with everything we did on the field but I would have loved to do more.


On Sunday we woke up to even colder temps so once again I took up residence in my truck for a bit to warm up before getting ready for play.  Once the game started who cared about the colder temps as it heated up when we all started running our asses off. Battling back and forth, trying to gain every inch on the field with no luck, we had to rely on final battle. Final battle brought it all out for everyone and we left it all on the field.


For the first time ever in all the scenario games I’ve played, once that final horn was blown, both members from both sides walked off the field side by side. There was no “Man that was a cheap shot” or whining. It was a lot of “Man that was a great shot” or “great game”.  This made for what I’d say is one of my best experiences ever on and off the field at an event and I look forward to the next time. We had it all that day…… The weather, sportsmanship, but most importantly the feeling of being able to help families in need while playing a game we love.


Budget-Friendly Paintballer Gifts

So as the holiday season is quickly coming up on us and my wife has been hounding me, I figure now would be a great time to put together a post containing a few cool items that you may want to consider for the budget conscious paintballer in your life.


1: Exalt Universal  Goggle Case – While everyone always thinks gear nobody really considers protecting that investment. The case not only has a cool looking exterior but microfiber lined inside to help protect the lense.





2: Exalt Loader Case –  Loaders being one of the more expensive and necessary pieces for the paintballer in your life Exalt has stepped up their game and created a great looking functional case lined in micro fiber so it’ll help the loader from getting all scratched up during travel.





3: Exalt Tank Case – Tanks being another expensive investment  they’ve now come out with tank cases. They went the extra mile and lined these in micro fiber as well to help prevent scratching  and preserve that new look to our gear.




4: Exalt Carbon Universal Lens Case —  This was one of my first purchases when they came out. I always carry multiple lens and hated trying to transport them without scratching them. Now I don’t have to worry as the case fits my lenses perfectly and they sell individual dividers to go between the lenses as well.


Exalt Lense



5: Exalt  Microfiber Pod Swab —  Definitely a must have  for those who are constantly having to wash their pods.  This makes it so much easier and really reasonably priced.





6:  Exalt Barrel Case – One thing we love is our barrels. I’m guilty for having  several and find the case to be the best way to keep them organized and protected. This right here will be an investment for those who carry multiple barrels.




All these items are manufactured by Exalt and look great. The best part is all the above mentioned carry a price tag of $30 and under so they won’t break the bank but they will keep that Paintballer in your life happy while protecting their investment.

Jingle Bikes for Kids 2013

With the holiday season upon us, I figured it was time to mention Jingle Bikes for Kids again. In 2012 we decided that we would rekindle a tradition in our family started by the wife’s father, which through the kindness of family and friends we were able to donate 12 bikes total. We were extremely happy with the way 2012 went so we decided to team up with Toys for Tots again for our 2013 bike drive. I know 12 bikes doesn’t seem like a lot but imagine being one of those 12 lucky kids who received a bike for the holidays and it makes it all worth it. This year we got off to a late start and are behind a bit but thru family and friends I feel as if we’ll have another strong year. The wife and I went a few weeks ago and put ours on layaway at Walmart and we’ll be bringing them home in a few weeks. The wife also did a blog post which seemed to spark a lot of interest do so I figured I’d write one as well to mention what we feel is a very worth wild cause. When going thru the holiday season this year remember even the smallest of gifts donated may seem inconsequential to you, but you may just make someone’s holiday the best it has been in a while. Please visit our Facebook page.

2013 Bike

Caroline Bike

First cheat day of 2013

Well the diet is off to a great start and for the most part I’m doing well. I still haven’t been able to remove Starbucks from my life completely, but I’m making up for that in other ways. Didn’t get to run today at all as the rain spoiled that, maybe this weekend I’ll get back on track and break in my new Christmas gift Nanci bought me. With that being said, I declare Friday Dec 4th as my first official cheat day in 2013. Thinking long and hard about this I’ve decided Red Lobster is the winner of my first annual cheat day of the New Year. What’s on the menu you may ask? Well I’m starting with fresh cheddar biscuits, followed by a garden salad with French dressing and then the main course will be shrimp. Red Lobster has a 30 shrimp special for $11.99 which is too good of a deal to pass up. I have a feeling the hardest choice I’ll have to make is what type of shrimp. For those who know me shrimp is one of my favorite meals, especially when the wife decides to surprise me with steak and shrimp which is a surprise I just love hearing about. I will say that I’ll be skipping dessert as if I feed the sweet tooth I’ll be screwed and the diet will suffer. Cheat days are important to help maintain your diet and keep the body and mind from craving bad items on a daily basis.

When’s you first cheat day of 2013? Where will you go and what will you have?

My Christmas toy

For anyone who know Nanci and I, it’s extremely rare for us to exchange Christmas gifts. We generally like to spoil our niece and nephews instead. After all, Christmas is all about the kids. This year was a bit different as we decided to get each other one gift. For Nanci it was the IPhone 5 she wanted and so desperately needed as her old phone was on its last leg. Nanci got me what I considered to be a great gift and it was exactly what I would have gotten myself. About a year ago I decided I wanted a GPS watch so I bought one. I’m not going to mention their name but I struggled with it for over a month and then decided to return it. I had mentioned to Nanci I’d like to give another one a shot and along came the Nike+ Sport which I immediately thought was cool. It’s exactly the watch I was looking for because of the GPS and website integration of my workouts. Easy to setup and even easier to use is what I’ve found with this particular watch and I’m loving it so far. With the colors it came in I was happy she chose the black/red, it’s exactly the one I would have chosen. The one thing I didn’t get with it but I plan on purchasing is the Nike foot pod. This will be a great addition for those days I have to take cover indoors from the rain. I’ll list out some of the cool features that I love.


Tracking: This feature is pretty cool as you can see speed, distance, time elapsed, pace and my favorite…. Calories burned. This also has a stopwatch feature just in case you want to use it for evaluating your performance.

GPS: Love the fact that you can track your route.


Connectivity: I love this function as when I get home and plug it in I get to watch it draw out the route I took on the screen. Another great feature is the ability to keep track of your, pace, speed as well as your mapped routes.


Personal coach: I haven’t used this feature yet, but I’m looking forward to it. I’ve been told it will store up to 50 runs and your personal records.

Run Reminders: I’m looking forward to this feature as it will help keep me on track with my regular runs and also has automatic alerts after 5 days or you can setup a personal schedule.

What was your favorite gift of the year? Who got it for you?