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Scenario Shenanigans: The Series “Making A Grown Man Cry”



Scenario Shenanigans: The Series   

“Making A Grown Man Cry”


This story comes to you from a more recent scenario event where I got to watch a grown man practically cry. So, how do you make a grown man cry you may be asking… The answer is simple. Their team was immobilized by some outside-of-the-box thinking. A team managed to come up with an alternative to traditional rocket launcher projectiles, and went a step further and had the field owner say it was okay two times. Then, it was only to be reversed the day of by some whiney grown ass men because they were getting shut down.

These men chose to hide behind the net of their tank rather than stand on the field of battle. Behind the net they are free to do whatever (from shooting rocket launchers to shooting paintballs at those who stand before them). Where does the crying come in you may ask? It’s when they can’t reach you with a nerf rocket, however your field approved alternative methods can shut them down. They can’t beat you on the field so they take it off field to the owners, crying “it’s not fair” and “they’re tearing our netting”. At least they claim, so they pull us from the field. Once off the field the lies begin to flood the air. They’re tearing the netting on the tanks we’re told and our response is, let’s go look at your netting.  When no holes were found, the story changed to “they’re just unsafe”. The strange part is, I was watching the approved projectiles go thru the netting into their cabs. The disturbing part I found is the extent in which people will lie and twist the truth to appease those people they favor. I actually had someone lie and say they were using those same projectiles to shoot people, knowing full well this was a bold faced lie as I was next to that individual the whole game. The stories changed again once questioned on it and of course, left another grown man crying.

So after enough whining, the launcher is pulled from the field and they bow their chests thinking the game had been won, but where they oh so wrong. That just pissed off the other side to no end.  There were other shenanigans the second day with the final battle and all, but that’s another story for another day.

I guess it amazes me the extent that a grown ass man will go to all in the name of securing a win. A win that would be tainted by their blatant lies and disregard for the rules and the pure fun of the game. A grown ass man who claims to be about fair play and honesty only to try and utilize any lies they can to take out someone who managed to outsmart them on the field.

Scenario Shenanigans: The Series “Point Shenanigans”


Scenario Shenanigans: The Series   

“Point Shenanigans”


So, one of the goals I’ve set for myself this year is to be more active on my blog. This year, I plan on doing a lot of heads-up blogging on events I’ve witnessed throughout the different scenario games I’ve attended. I’m sure some will surprise you but most probably won’t shock you at all.

Rather than overload you with all the details at once, I’ll spread them out over time. This will be about 6 years or so of playing scenario ball and it always amazes me the amount of shenanigans that goes on behinds the scenes. Anything from point manipulations all the way up to teams throwing a fit and if they don’t get their way “They Walk” as I’ve heard it put. This series of blog posts will shed to light some of the personal things I’ve witnessed over those 6 years. For the sake of not hurting anyone’s feelings or them getting their panties in a wad, the names of the fields and participants will remain out of my posts. However, those with even only half a brain cell could easily figure them out.

My first experience was at the beginning of my scenario days and at a field I had played at prior to the one scenario game in question. This particular was played to the best of our ability and we were winning as of Saturday night. Mysteriously, by Sunday morning, the numbers had changed. Now keep in mind, no play had happened between the previous number tally and the next morning, but the numbers changed.  When questioned, the response was they had forgotten to add in some missions that the other side had completed. I found this strange as the one side that was winning had numbers that had decreased. Coincidence or slight of hand to keep the losing team coming back to future events?  The winning team took it to heart and decided to go out giving 150% and do what they needed to and it wasn’t even close at the end. Yet when the numbers were added up it was “oh so close”. I’m assuming

“point shenanigans” were evident that day and the game results survived as the team that was winning in the beginning took back what was already theirs.

While I know these accusations are hard to prove they shed to light that at any given time a sneaky promoter can swing the same results to help line their pocket for the next game. Keep in mind not all promoters and game writers do this but always keep an eye out for the “Points Shenanigans”.