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Change is in the air

To say change is in the air right about now would be an understatement. As you can see one of many transformations has already started. The wife and I sat around last night discussing blogs over dinner and I decided it was time to change it up. The apparent cosmetic makeover is the first of many so stay tuned as I’m gearing up (no pun intended) to kick it into high gear. If you wondering what’s coming you’ll just have to wait and see as I have a list of ideas and working on even more as we speak.



The wife and I have set out on a change that’ll affect both of our lives as well. We’re working on our training for our journey into becoming a “Big Couple” which I’m sure is going to a great experience. The wife and I have been trying to spend more time giving back to the community and we both agree this is one of the best ways.

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Yet another change came in the form of a change in attitude. Lately I’ve let the little things ruin my abilities to focus on the main objectives and trying to have a good time. Well I’m here to tell you I’m letting go of the negative and focusing on the positive. The negative has been running and ruining my life for far too long so it’s time to let go.

Those who know me will say I’m an “all in or nothing” type of guy and it’s been apparent in my latest attempt at exercise I’ve been more of a nothing guy. Saying those two magical words “food and exercise” to me lately has had zero effect on me and actually caused a decrease in my drive to do so. Yes I’ll admit I have been running, but it’s been so rare that every time I go out it’s like starting over from square one. The biggest hold back for me is the planning. I’ve been told by others that I put too much time into planning. I’ve spent too much time trying to make everything perfect that I lose sight of the task at hand and lose a lot of valuable time. These changes will obviously be over time but one thing for certain is “Change is in the air”.


What changes have you decided to make in your life? How did those changes affect you in your life?

It’s finally time

A few years ago the wife and I started a journey but it was cut short as there were too many signs pointing to it not being the right time, but now it is. We’re taking the plunge and going to become a Big Couple with Big Brothers Big Sisters. We tried to a few years back but timing just seemed to be an issue and a meeting last week at work renewed the spark. Big Brothers Big Sisters (Pinellas, Citrus and Hernando) kicked off a 100 men in 100 days campaign on June 1st 2013. While the wife wasn’t there I immediately called her after the meeting and filled out both of our applications. We’ve both had a million questions running through our minds. Will we be paired with a boy or girl? Given the high numbers of boys to girls we will more than likely be paired with a boy. How old will they be? This is a question that will be answered during our pairing meeting. Speaking to several friends who are currently a Big Brother or Big Sister they’ve told me of all the fun and exciting things they share with their little. Ball games, Monster Trucks, Hockey and Baseball are just a few of the many events they’ve shared over the years. One particular Big sticks out as his Little (who was 13 when they were paired) is now set to graduate from High School. The wife and I talked about it in great detail just after the meeting and are so excited to be a part of what will be one of the greatest journeys life has to offer. Sitting at dinner last night we were so excited and, knowing we have our interview on July 29th and all paperwork will be done so we’ll find out if we qualify (fingers crossed). While we still have a million questions one things for sure, all will be answered in the next few months.



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Have you ever thought of becoming a Big Brother or Big Sister? How would you like to make a difference in some little kids life?