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Friends in Low Places

(**** Photo Credits all photos contained in this post are from Valken ****)

I have friends in low places as in Low Country Paintball in Ludowici, Georgia. After a few years of persistence from Jester Court Productions, I was finally able free up my schedule, pack up the trailer and make the trip to Low Country Paintball for a weekend of fun to check out the field. The game was “The Finale: Return of Krampus” and was the battle for Christmas. The best part of this weekend was the charity aspect. I mean, what better way to spend your weekend than on the paintball field shooting each other while helping raise toys for kids.


When asked what I love about paintball, I always answer with “exploring new fields and making new friends”. The key to growing the sport is making the trip to explore different fields and to make new friends.


We pulled in late Friday night, set-up camp right next to A-Train from Valken (who put together an amazing video recap), then started to walk around. We got in late so walking the field was out. We walked around to see what else was going on. Following the music, we finally arrived to the building where everyone was taking cover from the cooler temps. Walking thru the door we ran across Jami Hubbell, Mike Paxson, Damian Ryan and Rocky Cagnoni, amongst many other players there for one common cause… “To help save Christmas for as many families as we could”.


Waking up Saturday morning to 29 degree weather and a light frost on the ground is not what this Florida boy is used to but I did it for the kids. With that being said, I hightailed it to my truck to turn on the heat and warm up a bit before getting ready to go out on my morning rounds. We had the traditional “Rules of the Game” followed by the introduction of both Kringle and Krampus and we then scattered to go spend the last bit of time we had until we all entered the field.


Saturday on the field we met with several hurdles and a group of worthy opponents who provided more than enough resistance to make the game interesting and make the game fun. Nobody likes an easy win but also nobody likes a cheater either. Saturday brought us a give and take with it seeming like Kringle wasn’t getting anywhere and that’s pretty much the truth. Krampus brought it to Kringle, and he brought it hard as we could tell based on our field position. Now don’t get me wrong I’m pleased with everything we did on the field but I would have loved to do more.


On Sunday we woke up to even colder temps so once again I took up residence in my truck for a bit to warm up before getting ready for play.  Once the game started who cared about the colder temps as it heated up when we all started running our asses off. Battling back and forth, trying to gain every inch on the field with no luck, we had to rely on final battle. Final battle brought it all out for everyone and we left it all on the field.


For the first time ever in all the scenario games I’ve played, once that final horn was blown, both members from both sides walked off the field side by side. There was no “Man that was a cheap shot” or whining. It was a lot of “Man that was a great shot” or “great game”.  This made for what I’d say is one of my best experiences ever on and off the field at an event and I look forward to the next time. We had it all that day…… The weather, sportsmanship, but most importantly the feeling of being able to help families in need while playing a game we love.


Scenario Shenanigans: The Series ” Get With The Changing Times”


One of the many things we deal with as scenario players are the changing times as technology evolves. We’ve recently approached a scenario game producer to inquire about alternatives to Nerf rockets – as they are pricey and we find them to be pretty inconsistent – and we always get the same answer “No”. Can anyone tell me the difference between a foam stress ball and a foam Nerf rocket? Because I really can’t see a difference. But a group of whiny bitches surely can and I’m over it. I’m told the stress balls are unsafe, so show me the difference between the stress balls and a nerf rocket. They both seem to be made of the same material and the stress ball seems to be softer. Am I wrong?

Now where this comes into play is, one of my previous posts in regards to rocket launchers and their projectiles they shoot. How can using a stress ball be any different than being shot with a first strike round?  Do they hurt anymore if you do get hit? The purpose of a rocket launcher is to take out a structure or active tank on the field. The intent is to never shoot a player with them so where do they become “unsafe”? Who deemed them unsafe? And how? Have there been studies done and if so where are these studies published? I’m finding it pretty suspect that “studies” have been mentioned when turning down alternatives to Nerf rockets but I can never seem to find any of them anywhere. Maybe I’m not looking in the right sport or do they even exist?

I’m curious as to what safety standards scenario promoters reference for tanks. How can allowing a full blown vehicle that used to be on the road and well capable of going well over sixty miles per hour be safe? I know of one tank that has not only caught fire but almost run someone over and yet it’s still allowed to be on the field.  How is allowing a 3000-pound vehicle on the field that you know is unsafe okay? I’m not calling out the team or producer but you know who you are and shame on you. Shame on you un-named scenario producer for allowing your “better judgement” to be swayed by peer pressure from a team. Shame on you for allowing the safety of all those who pay to come play and have a good time to be jeopardized. Shame on the team that continuously puts the safety of others in the back of their minds to be the big bad guys on the field.  They definitely know who they are because they are ones constantly getting their way and still bitching after losing because they are getting out-played.

I’ve found it interesting that some scenario game producers reference rules or regulations that haven’t been updated since at least 2007. How about getting with the times and updating them? After all, its 2016 for Christ’s sake. While surfing the web I have found at least one person deciding to move into the new era and updating what seems to be an antiquated set of rules, so kudos to you Billy Smith from Low Country Paintball for taking into consideration that time has moved on and these rules needed to be updated for their games.

What do the players think of the current rules? Anyone know of any others stepping into the 21st century and making theirs rules reflect the current times? What rules drive you crazy and wish they would change?

Scenario Shenanigans: The Series “Let’s Just Make The Teams Fair”


Scenario Shenanigans: The Series

“Let’s Just Make The Teams Fair”


“Let’s just make the teams fair” is a common statement some promoters will use to adjust the teams to make the teams “Fair”. Some will also use this to shift the games to help a certain side win, as I’ve noticed in the past. While I agree the teams should be fair, I don’t agree with the way they determine who will make the switch. Some games offer the option for teams to make the switch prior to them selecting but there is always those teams or individuals they plan to move regardless.

One scenario event in particular, the sides were close. But they “chose” to move a few key players we had spent months recruiting “to make it fair”, they said. The disturbing part is it didn’t seem to matter to them that they registered under our team name as we recruited them. So my question for the generals is why waste your time recruiting when they can just take any part of your team at any given time?

The generals for the sides are chosen well in advance so they can start their recruiting prior to the game. The recruiting process is interesting for sure, as we generally get multiple attempts to recruit our team personally but it all boils down to us agreeing on what side to take based on the general. Or, we consult a few different teams we have alliances with. In past scenario games, we’ve chosen to go against teams we know based on our opinion of a general and their beliefs, or even based on which side the general will be playing from.

In the end we all are out to have a good time and winning is the ultimate goal. The player shifts and last minute changes to keep the game fair can be legitimate but are also tactics to swing the game to keep some individuals coming back to spend their money. I’ve seen these games played first hand and it’s sad that some promoters will do that to keep their pockets lined with money. Either way, I still continue to play due to my love of the game and the friends (both old and new) that I share the field with.

Scenario Game Spotlight ” Dreaded Legends”

scenario game spotlight

Dreaded Legends

Florida Tracks and Trails

39450 Bermont Rd.

Punta Gorda, FL 33982


Dreaded legends 2

Photo Credit: CPX Events


Sitting back looking at this years schedule, there are many scenario games to choose from. I have decided to highlight a game each month in a new series. For January, it is Dreaded Legends at Florida Tracks and Trails in Punta Gorda. This will be the first year for this event in Florida and CPX has partnered with Florida Tracks and Trails for this January 29th – 31st, 2016 game.

Florida Tracks and Trails opened Memorial Day weekend in 2015 and spans 80 acres. It is part of an 1,100 acre venue referred to as family recreation park and has an AMA motorcross track, 20 miles of ATV trails and a 12 acre beach. The beach boasts pure white sand, palm trees and crisp clear water.  While I have yet to personally explore this venue, from the sounds of it I’ll definitely enjoy it there and I look forward to going down for a day of paintball sometime.



Photo Credit: CPX Events


Below is the event info for the weekend from their Facebook page. Please keep in mind that this schedule is subject to change at the producer’s discretion.


Camping opens

11 am — Onsite reg opens
12 pm — Magfed games starts
4 pm — Commanders battle for side choice
6 pm — Sign up for Costume contest at near Tiki bar
7 pm — Costume contest with 1st place trophy

Main game
7 am — Chrono and onsite reg opens
9 am — Players brief at proshop
10 am to 1 pm — Game on
1 pm to 2 pm — Lunch break
2pm-5pm — Game play resumes
5 pm Saturday game play ends
6 pm to 7 pm — Beer pong tourney sign up at Tiki bar
7 pm to ??? — Beer pong tourney and Night time fun at Tiki bar

7 am — Chrono and onsite reg opens
10am-2pm — Game on
2pm-230pm — Break to prep for Final battle
230pm-330pm — Final battle
4 pm — Awards

Schedule subject to change at producers discretion

For more details on the game, visit their website or their Facebook Page.