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My first 5k

Those who have read my blog on my New Year’s resolutions will be familiar with this one already. One of my New Year’s resolutions for 2013 was to run my first timed 5k event. I’ve done the Warrior Dash and Turkey Trot in the past, and we are doing the Glow Run 5K this Saturday, but those were for fun and now I’m keeping time. So with that in mind the only question I have is which one do I choose. While talking to the wife, who is a running junkie, she immediately provided me a list of potential races. I’m happy to say that I’ve officially registered for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Mini Marathon. Being the inaugural year we figured it was fitting that this be my first run as she’ll be doing the half Marathon that same day. I do have to say I’m excited and nervous all at the same time. Excited because it’s yet another resolution on my 2013 list that I will have knocked off the list. Nervous because I’m afraid, afraid of failing and not meeting the hour time limit I have to complete the 5k. As I sat here and typed this blog post apparently my wife in the background was registering me. This way she knew this would be my first. Be on the lookout for my blog post on the actual 5k and my first timed run experience.

photo 2

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What New Year’s resolutions have you made happen this year? Are there any you are afraid of or afraid of failing at?

New Year….. New Rules

With 2013 starting off on a positive note I’ve decided it’s time for some changes in my life. No longer will I allow others to dictate how I spend my time and I’ve decided to allow for more “me” time. This year will be filled with the things I love such as paintball, theme parks and plenty of fun times with friends. Last year I allowed my life to be dictated by others and this made for some pretty miserable times. With that being said I’m holding myself personally accountable for the following.


This year I’ll work on trying to deal with family in a better way. I’m fine with most of my immediate family; however there are a few that the relationship is strained between. I’ll do my part to try and rectify things, but it’s a two way street and I’m not going to put in 100% of the effort.

family 2


2013 is the year of paintball for this guy and I’m committing to do at least three different scenario games. Whether they are at our local field, South Florida or even Georgia they are on my radar and I will pick at least 3. I missed out last year on a few events that I wished I had done, but time just didn’t allow for it. This year I won’t allow that to be a factor. I’ve made some good friends thru the sport and look forward to expanding and making even more friends who share this common interest in 2013.



This year I’m committing myself to a fit life. No longer will I be a slave to the sweets and allow them to affect me physically or emotionally. This is important to me as it will help me pursue my paintball aspirations. I know last year I said I wanted to play at least one tournament and I think this will be my year to do so. In 2013 I’ll be devoting more time to a sport I truly love and fully support. For those I know who play as well I wish you the best of luck in your upcoming season.



I’m holding myself personally accountable for at least one fun day every two months. This could be a simple as a quiet day at the beach with my wife or visiting our favorite Theme park (Universal Studios) for some fun filled rides and excitement. Either way it’ll be about taking time away from work to spend with the wife, something we are both equally guilty of doing.


Sleepy Blue


With the year kicking into full gear already we’d like to spend more time doing charity work. This could literally be anything from helping out at Habitat for Humanity or even helping out with Toys for Tots. We’ll also be collecting bikes again for Jingle Bikes for Kids again. I was genuinely surprised at how few bikes they had to give out this past year.


What changes have you vowed to make in your life for 2013? How do you plan to accomplish them?

Paintball Sunday

Well the weekend is officially here and it’s time to do what I love to do and that would be play paintball. The place will be Gator paintball in Hudson, our home field and the group should be about 10 or so. The team has hit about 20 players but some won’t be able to make it. As always fun will be had by all…… even those who aren’t part of the team love it and always have a blast. I’m super excited because I’ll get to use my new paintball gun for the first time. It’s a limited edition Dye Black/Gold NT 11 that I was able to get thru a friend. I’ve been searching for one for about a year or so and became aware of its presence around World Cup 2012. I’ve been saving ever since and luckily my friend still had it when I finally got the money so I feel like it was meant to be. For those who don’t know much about paintball guns I guess an easy way to compare it for women to understand would be comparing it to a limited edition Coach purse.





What do you love to do with your Sundays? Who do you generally share this time with?

First cheat day of 2013

Well the diet is off to a great start and for the most part I’m doing well. I still haven’t been able to remove Starbucks from my life completely, but I’m making up for that in other ways. Didn’t get to run today at all as the rain spoiled that, maybe this weekend I’ll get back on track and break in my new Christmas gift Nanci bought me. With that being said, I declare Friday Dec 4th as my first official cheat day in 2013. Thinking long and hard about this I’ve decided Red Lobster is the winner of my first annual cheat day of the New Year. What’s on the menu you may ask? Well I’m starting with fresh cheddar biscuits, followed by a garden salad with French dressing and then the main course will be shrimp. Red Lobster has a 30 shrimp special for $11.99 which is too good of a deal to pass up. I have a feeling the hardest choice I’ll have to make is what type of shrimp. For those who know me shrimp is one of my favorite meals, especially when the wife decides to surprise me with steak and shrimp which is a surprise I just love hearing about. I will say that I’ll be skipping dessert as if I feed the sweet tooth I’ll be screwed and the diet will suffer. Cheat days are important to help maintain your diet and keep the body and mind from craving bad items on a daily basis.

When’s you first cheat day of 2013? Where will you go and what will you have?

My Christmas toy

For anyone who know Nanci and I, it’s extremely rare for us to exchange Christmas gifts. We generally like to spoil our niece and nephews instead. After all, Christmas is all about the kids. This year was a bit different as we decided to get each other one gift. For Nanci it was the IPhone 5 she wanted and so desperately needed as her old phone was on its last leg. Nanci got me what I considered to be a great gift and it was exactly what I would have gotten myself. About a year ago I decided I wanted a GPS watch so I bought one. I’m not going to mention their name but I struggled with it for over a month and then decided to return it. I had mentioned to Nanci I’d like to give another one a shot and along came the Nike+ Sport which I immediately thought was cool. It’s exactly the watch I was looking for because of the GPS and website integration of my workouts. Easy to setup and even easier to use is what I’ve found with this particular watch and I’m loving it so far. With the colors it came in I was happy she chose the black/red, it’s exactly the one I would have chosen. The one thing I didn’t get with it but I plan on purchasing is the Nike foot pod. This will be a great addition for those days I have to take cover indoors from the rain. I’ll list out some of the cool features that I love.


Tracking: This feature is pretty cool as you can see speed, distance, time elapsed, pace and my favorite…. Calories burned. This also has a stopwatch feature just in case you want to use it for evaluating your performance.

GPS: Love the fact that you can track your route.


Connectivity: I love this function as when I get home and plug it in I get to watch it draw out the route I took on the screen. Another great feature is the ability to keep track of your, pace, speed as well as your mapped routes.


Personal coach: I haven’t used this feature yet, but I’m looking forward to it. I’ve been told it will store up to 50 runs and your personal records.

Run Reminders: I’m looking forward to this feature as it will help keep me on track with my regular runs and also has automatic alerts after 5 days or you can setup a personal schedule.

What was your favorite gift of the year? Who got it for you?

Day 1 of the New Year

As day one of 2013 came to a close I’m off to a good start on my resolutions, but then again who isn’t on day one. What is usually a hectic morning was filled with lounging and laziness. This was a great bonus as it falls into the “me” category. The wife and I then decided to go grocery shopping which included a lot of healthy food and no junk. I now know remember how expensive it is to eat healthy. The wife and I are also off to a good start for the year health wise as she’s decided that she wanted to go back to Weight Watchers but I’ve decided to try it on my own thru diet and exercise. Weather today was awesome so the wife and I decided to take the boys for a walk and it felt great to be out of the house. We’ve also signed up for the Glow Run 5k which is January 12th in St Petersburg, Fl. All in all today was a great start to the New Year and what will hopefully be a great year.

How did you spend the first day of 2013? Have you gotten started on implementing any of your New Year’s resolutions?